Patch Cord MTP/MPO Type-B Cables

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MTP/MPO Type-B Cable Overview

The type-B polarity MTP cable meaning is to use a key-up connector on both ends of the cable. Often referred to as a 40G MTP cable, the type-B MTP cable is extremely versatile. This cable assembly can be used to plug directly between your 40G QSFP+ optic transceivers. As you can see in the diagram, this cable has a "flipped" polarity and will result in a Pin 1 to Pin 12 relationship. This is extremely useful because 40G optics utilize parallel optics, meaning instead of alternating Tx and Rx in a duplex pattern, the port will look like the following diagram.

mtp type-b cableFigure 1: Type-B polarity MTP cable

MTP/MPO Type-B Cable Categories

Based on its different functions, MTP type-B cable can be divided into two main categories: MTP Trunk cables and MTP-LC breakout cables. Depending on the nature of the socket MTP trunk cables are further divided into female-female, female-male, and male-male. When connecting two 40G SR4 QSFP+ transceivers in parallel optics, only female-female type B MTP cables should be used. For MTP-LC breakout cables, female MTP-LC breakout cables and male MTP-LC breakout cables are available.

Note: MTP connectors can be divided into female connector and male connector. Female connector does not have guide pins, while male connector has two guide pins. The connections between the connectors are precisely aligned with the pin, and the two MTP connectors connected to each other must be male and female.

Category Fiber Mode Gender Fiber Count Polish Type 40G Ethernet Distance 100G Ethernet Distance Wavelength
Type-B MTP/MPO Trunk Cables OS2,OM4,OM5 Female-Female,Male-Male 12-Fibers,8-Fibers UPC to UPC 150m at 850nm,440m at 850nm 150m at 850nm 850/1300nm,1310/1550nm
Type-B MTP/MPO-LC Cables OM4,OS2 SMF Female-4 LC,16 APC(Female)-8 LC UPC 8-Fibers LC UPC 150m at 850nm 400m at 850nm 850/1300nm,1310/1550nm
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